Friends With Benefits


Sara and David are Friends With Benefits. They have known one another since they were very young. David is a Marine serving his country and Sara is serving her country by serving her friend some amazing pussy.  We start with perfunctory introductions, but when he says GO these two GO. It goes from zero to hot in less than a second. There is no chance this was not brewing for a while. Sara REALLY needed this to happen, and if she was getting paid on top of it then all the better.

David lays her on her back and starts eating her pussy as a man possessed. Sara’s eyes roll back in her head and she can barely breathe. His tongue rolls over her clit, and her legs open wide allowing him all the access to her hot college pussy.  David begins rubbing her clit as if he wants to start a fire. She raises and lowers her hips into his fingers begging him to go deeper.  He finally removes her bra to reveal two perfect tits with tiny hard nipples. AMAZING breasts indeed.  When she takes his dick in her mouth you can feel it yourself,  the camera cuts away to her mounting his cock and cowgirling herself into oblivion.

We do not reveal the ending of our videos this one is a definite watch to the end though. We hope to see more from these two friends with benefits, and Semper Fi Marine.