GiGi’s Pool Party


Gigi and Monica have had the hots for one another all year. What better way to celebrate than a pool party?  They finally graduated and to celebrate they decide to have a little poolside fun.    With cameras rolling we catch up with our two favorite lesbians slathering suntan lotion all over one another’s tight fit bodies.  Laughing and giggling they waste no time getting one another hot and bothered.  Rubbing sunscreen all over one another and covering each other in soft kisses.  GiGi exposes Monica’s breasts and rubs lotion on her ample tits. IT sets the screen on fire to see her lean down to take a nipple into her mouth and gently suck her friend’s breasts.

Teasing the cameraman, Monica offers him an opportunity to squeeze and rub her exposed titties but quickly bats his hand away after a fleeting grope. Gigi descends on those gorgeous melons and licks and sucks them the way they should be treated. Monica responds by softly kissing GiGi but it soon evolves into a tongue wrestling match that is frankly too hot to describe.  I refuse to reveal how this video ends you have to watch it to find out.