Step Mom Tries to teach some manners


Unable to get her perverted stepson to focus on her instructions, a super hot stepmother takes matters (and his big dick) into her own hands.  Wearing a tight white top and smoking hot skirt was making it very difficult for Jr to concentrate on his lesson in manners. What is a voluptuous woman to do but give them what they ask for? She begins by taking off her top revealing a very sexy bra surrounding massive titties, hoping that would help the young man focus.

She was mistaken however and it only made matters worse giving him an erection hard enough to cut stone.  Momma flies off the handle removing her bra setting those amazing breasts free.  Mom doubles down when she should have folded, and shucks the tight skirt making his hard cock almost bust out of his shorts.  Mom knows when she has been beaten and slides that dick between her lips like a seasoned pro.

Things work themselves out when Mother dearest sits on her favorite boy’s cock and bounces her huge udders in his face scolding him the whole time about being perverted.  She takes that dick in her perfect twat over and over and rewards her student with a rather sloppy blowjob for his trouble.

Super Mom ends up the one getting disciplined by her well-hung student but by the sounds of her mewing we really do not think she minds. This is one stepmother that is definitely not evil.  All’s well that ends well and this hot fuck fest certainly ends well. You do not want to miss its explosive conclusion.

Step Mom gives oral

Mommy teaches manners

Hung Son takes charge while Dad is away.