Katty West gets a lesson in Anal.


It is study time and Katty West has fallen behind on her grades. She has asked one of her classmates to give her some help going over the material. The sexual tension is pretty apparent from the beginning and we see Katty came prepared by not wearing panties with her short thin dress. Her freshly shaven pussy is a dead giveaway she is expecting to get some hard dick.

Her classmate drops his pen and discovers her lack of underwear. He immediately begins exploring her thighs and feels the heat emanating from her eager pussy.  Schoolwork was not the primary reason he was asked to study, and it is obvious neither of them had anything to eat the way they go down on one another.  Katty gets her gorgeous pussy eaten by someone who has excellent experience in anatomy. She returns the favor by sucking his cock to full hardness. That comes in handy when he lies her back on the table and penetrates her sweet walls and fucks her silly.

Camera work sometimes makes or breaks a good video. In this case, the camera work is exceptional. The view of Katty’s sweet labia spread around that big dick is enough to empty your balls.  (Full Disclosure it did for me x2)

I will not give up the ending of this video, but it is one of my favorites.  I would love the opportunity to bury a nut in that tiny little hole, and I suspect I am not alone.