Mia Bandini has the tightest body, and knows how to use it.


Mia Bandini gets a dicking and keeps on ticking. Miss Bandini is wearing a little black dress with slits across the back. The dress gives a perfect view of her ass and hips and she came to play.  Wiggle, Wiggle, she is down on her knees giving our bald friend an amazing blow job while he fingers her perfect snatch. She shows she is comfortable in front of a camera and climbs on his lap taking an average dick in her snizz to ride around the block.

She rides camera facing and gives a fabulous view of her incredible tits, and a stomach flat enough to eat breakfast on. Her abdominal muscles are working that cock double time while a hand lifts the dress to reveal tiny nipples, hard and begging to be sucked. She spins around so he can do that job while he grips that tight ass. The lips on this beautiful vagina are swollen, and wet, our jealousy cannot be overstated.  What did he do to deserve such perfection?

When Mia gives him a blowjob, she looks into the camera and almost dares you to take it away from her. I felt that in the pit of my stomach. My only complaint is I would have liked to see that last longer. She then climbs on his lap and the ease with which she slid that dick in her almost emptied my balls. CRAZY HOT.

She bounces on that dick like a pogo stick her brown hair flying all over the place and we cannot remember what happened next.  Stop whatever you are doing and watch this masterpiece. Just the sight of her blue eyes pleading with the camera is enough to send most men over the edge, the end is amazing. Mia Bandini truly has the tightest body and knows how to use it.