Sorority Pledge Night Fun


Have you ever wondered what happens at a sorority pledge night? Wonder no more with our exclusive video of  Eta Lota Pi’s pledge night. These girls got put through their paces with a blow job contest, and several other events supervised by their big sisters.  Blindfolded the girls are forced to their knees and told to perform fellatio on the dildo or dong in front of them.  They happily comply with the stern admonishing from their senior sisters and get naked to boot, exclaiming YES SISTER every time they are asked if they enjoy the task.

Nothing like seeing a girl struggle to choke down a big black cock to wake you up to how wonderful the USA is.  A blond Sister comes out of the crowd and is chosen to “ride the rail”.  This entails taking all of the dildos in her snatch one by one straight down the line. Super hot to watch these girls remove all sense of ego to become part of a group.  College is FUN.

We do not reveal the endings to the videos on this site, BUT WATCH THIS UNTIL THE END!!! HOLY SMOKES…