Twins Joey and Sami Have a FREAK Girlfriend…


Joey and Sami are twins. They love one another on levels that few siblings ever reach. They have a girlfriend that wants to be as close as they are. The cameras are rolling as introductions are made. Sami and Joey are told to remove their clothing.  In a flash, Kay is all over them both at the same time. Fingering, and eating both of pussies she has complete control of the situation. She has been here before, and it was RECENT.  The multiple camera angles capturing all the action is awesome. You have every angle covered as two smoking hot pussies get the hell eaten out of them.  Amazing.

Out of nowhere two dicks show up to spoil the Sapphic Soire’ and cocks get sucked. K is also a practicing sword swallower and she guides one of the dicks to the bottom of her slender throat quickly.  Joey is not to be outdone, and when ordered to suck dick she aims to please.  She goes down faster than the housing market when the bubble bursts.  Both girls know how to suck a cock evidently because very quickly they ended up on their hands and knees taking them from behind.

We are treated to the front and rear view of two cocks plunging in and out of these gorgeous twins. The looks on their faces changed the minute those cocks found their way inside. Multiple positions, multiple cameras, all make this video extremely hot.  You get the distinct feeling you are seeing double when the girls are impaled on cock bouncing their way to orgasms. Their friend alternating between the two of them to rub clits and lick slits.

All’s well that ends well and this video ends the best way possible. We do not spoil endings here but check it out for yourself.